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a confidence in the round is a 10 episode, single season podcast which celebrates the life of Phylicia Simone Barnes, while questioning our understandings of justice in the investigation of her death.  the podcast is narrated through first hand accounts by a former homicide law clerk, John Butler, who was detailed to the case's trial team in 2012.  This project seeks not to sensationalize an already sensational case, but to use the public's reactions in an examination of the facts to question our collective understandings.  

The first episode of the podcast, the earth says hello, is available below.  episode one is also available on YouTube and instagram.  episodes 1-10 will be available wherever you stream your podcasts on 4/20/2023.

I apologize in advance for the slow production to the few of you who would like to hear more of this story.  good help is hard to find.  

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