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Part 1:  the earth says hello

In 2012, Phylicia Simone Barnes visited her half-sister Deena in Baltimore during her winter break from high school.  Although only nearly 17, Phylicia had already chosen and been accepted to her college of choice, Towson University.  On December 28, 2010, after making several communications, her phone goes straight to voicemail.  

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.33.12 PM.png

a confidence in the round is produced by belly scrub fine audio, with additional production by Brian Scott.  music from the episode is by Alex Somers, from the albums Siblings and Siblings 2.  Exit Music is Heart of Chambers by Beach House.  

Some audio has been edited from its original recording to fit the podcast format.  in the times when editing is necessary, we do our best to insure context and meaning, as intended by the speaker, is preserved.  

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