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Even I don't Know What You're Gonna Find

Belly Scrub is a group of longtime friends from Baltimore.  Many of us record music, sounds, jokes, fields, etc., then archive, for the mere enjoyment of the act.  it's been going on so long, we almost forgot what we have created.  


The purpose of Belly Scrub is to release the pieces we have that are good, while continuing to produce a few gems amongst the trash.  The Belly Scrub Archives are a collection of pieces that we love but will not be released officially, for one reason or another.  kinda makes it fun.  

mothersday - b-sides 

sessions from the album Tree Houses
A Candy Coated Slowdown 

John Somers (slumber party)

Belly Scrub

Basement Sessions 2004


For the Kids

Modern Byronic Hero

Affect Perception (an interlude)

Psykids Army

They Will Remind You

John Butler

Holograms for Holiday



Sexy Sex's

Amelia Earhart Single

John & John 

Watching Home Alone 2

One Hour of silence randomly interrupted by the Forrest Grove Scream

Contributors to the Belly Scrub Archives

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